Our Existence Is Punishment was founded in 2007 as a periodic side project of Nadir members Norbert Czetvitz (guitar, see also Ghostchant), Viktor Tauszik (vocals) and Szabolcs Fekete (drums).
Right from the start, the aim of the musicians has been to create something special and unique. This endeavor already showed on the first recordings in the shape of a musical direction – the easiest way to describe it is industrial doom metal – that is totally different from the style of Nadir, colder and more mechanical than that. Then the style completed itself on the first full length Our Existence Is Punishment album, „The Horrid Truth Still Untold”, recorded in Autumn 2010 and brought out in early 2011. The musical concept and the sound are similar to those of Will Haven to a certain extent and also influenced by Prong or innovators of the late 1980s / early 1990s like Godflesh and Morgoth.
The songs are based on a particular atmosphere instead of riffs (although there are quite a few heavy and brutal riffs) and the band departs from traditional song structures on several occasions. Concerning the lyrics, there is no concept to connect the songs, the different dark and gloomy topics, harmonizing with the music are inspired by history and the present times – or sometimes science fiction / utopian sources. Meanwhile, Our Existence Is Punishment, completed by bassist / vocalist Dániel Kósa (Planet Void, Ghostchant, ex-Nadir), played a couple of shows. Future live performances will depend primarily on the current activities of Nadir. The two albums of OEIP – „The Horrid Truth Still Untold” (2011) and “The Second Stage Of Grief” (2013) –, however, can be downloaded for free (similarly to the distribution of the Nadir releases).