The band was founded by guitarist / songwriter Norbert Czetvitz. From the very beginning, the quintet has been inspired by bands like Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Crowbar, etc. and in our lyrics we deal with important issues of existence such as social problems or the relation of mankind and nature.

We have been playing live since the very early years. The band has accomplished several country-wide tours and festival shows in Hungary and in the neighboring / nearby countries as well. Moreover, we opened for bands like Crowbar, Pro-Pain, Stampin’ Ground, Master, D.R.I., Vader, Krisiun, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Kataklysm, Merauder or Entombed at their local shows.

From the “Tenacity” album on, our tradition has been to bring out our releases (full length albums, EPs, split EPs with other local underground bands etc.) ourselves, mostly both on CD and as free download. “Tenacity” has been voted best debut album at the Hungarian “HangSúly” Award. Then in 2008, the year the Those Who Bought the rain” album came out, we won the same award (best live band) again. In 2011, we paid our musical influences respect with the “Underground Heroes” cover album, encompassing a large spectrum of underground metal / hardcore music, featuring a couple of guest musicians. In 2013, we brought out a special release, an EP entitled “A Lasting Dose Of Venom”, exceptionally on vinyl, celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary. 2015 marks the release of our new full length (our very first concept album), “Ventum iam ad finem est”.